Defense Systems Digest - 10 September 2019 / (Photo Credit: Cpl. Alejandro Pena U.S. Marine Corps)

Notable Technical Inquiry

What are the current-state technologies, solutions, and limitations of stand-off biometric identification, specifically in face recognition? What U.S. government programs are active in this topic?

DSIAC was tasked with investigating standoff biometric identification, specifically face...

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Voice From The Community

Joseph Peñano, PhD
Head of the Beam Physics Branch/Navy Research Laboratory

My current research interests include high-energy and high-intensity laser physics, atmospheric propagation of high-energy and ultra-short pulse lasers, interactions of intense ultra-short lasers with dielectric materials, and laser plasma accelerators. I am the recipient of multiple Navy Research Laboratory (NRL) Featured Research Awards, Alan Berman Publication Awards, the Dolores Etter Top Navy Scientists and Engineers Award, and NRL Technology Transfer Awards for the Incoherently Combined Fiber Laser Architecture and the High-Energy Laser Counter-Anti-Ship Cruise Missile Program Laser Propagation Simulation. I hold a Ph.D. in plasma physics from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Featured News

DSIAC is pleased to announce the release of the 2019 fall issue of the Aircraft Survivability journal. The journal is viewable and available for electronic download at or