Notable Technical Inquiry

How do different U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) organizations define unmanned aircraft system (UAS) swarms?

Drone swarming is a debated definition within the DoD community and a term that has varied definitions, depending on the organization discussing it. DSIAC was tasked with collecting how different DoD organizations and U.S. armed services define UAS swarms. DSIAC used open sources, counter-UAS USA conference presentations, and subject matter expert input to collect DoD definitions of a UAS swarm. A report of these findings was delivered to the inquirer.

Voice From The Community

Yongming Zhang

Ph.D., CEO. QUASAR Federal Systems, Inc

My education introduced me to several multidisciplinary fields, including applied solid-state physics, electromagnetic (EM) field theory, low-noise EM sensing, signal processing, and system engineering. Over the past 16 years at QUASAR Federal Systems, I have led research and development for state of-the art compact electric and magnetic field sensor development and deployment. I went from research scientist to vice president of research to my present position of Yongming Zhang, Ph.D., CEO, QUASAR Federal Systems, Inc. The Importance of Early Prototyping in Defense Research, Engineering, Acquisition, and Sustainment CEO. I’ve served as the principal investigator for more than a dozen U.S. government-funded research projects and have created sensor systems for applications as diverse as lightning detection, semiconductor manufacturing process monitoring, bullet detection and localization, tunnel detection, UXO detection and discrimination, and antisubmarine warfare.

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