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What studies have been done regarding the use of water to counter drones or drone swarms?

DSIAC was asked to identify studies regarding the use of water in C-UAS.  C-UAS platforms are divided into two primary areas:  detection and tracking systems and interdiction systems.  One example of interdiction C-UAS is a water projector or water cannon.  A water cannon was used at the 2016 Air Force Research Laboratory’s Commander’s Challenge to bring down a drone during a test exercise.  The U.S. Navy is using water cannons and water barrier lines to defend their platforms against high-speed,…

Voice From The Community

Heather O’Brien

Electronics Engineer, U.S. Combat Capabilities Development Command (CCDC) Army Research Laboratory

I have been an electronics engineer with the U.S. CCDC Army Research Laboratory for over 10 years researching near- and far-term enabling technologies for high-voltage, pulsed-power applications and prime power conversion. My expertise is designing experiments and techniques to analyze the behavior of novel semiconductor devices for mobile, power-dense systems. I hold an M.S. in electrical engineering from Johns Hopkins University and a B.S. in engineering from Harvey Mudd College.

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