Notable Technical Inquiry

What is the reason behind D6AC steel being listed as a restricted material?

DSIAC received a technical inquiry requesting information regarding the field experience that caused D6AC steel to be listed as a restricted material in NAVAIR EC-434-000-003. Materials engineering subject matter experts at the Texas Research Institute Austin, Inc., performed literature searches using the DTIC Research and Engineering Gateway, open sources, and university libraries to determine that the F-111 failure of 22 December 1969 was the primary reason D6AC steel became a restricted material. A response report was compiled and delivered to…

Voice From The Community

Kenneth Goff

Survivability Specialist SURVICE Engineering Company

I started my career in 1985 working for the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) and spent 21 years in the Survivability Division, with the last 10 years serving as the Division Director. This past August, I joined the SURVICE Engineering Company, where I currently lead a fixed wing survivability study for the Special Operations Command (SOCOM). I have a B.S. in material science engineering from Michigan State University.

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