Defense Systems Digest - 23 April 2019 / Photo Credit: Airman 1st Class Charles Dickens, U.S. Air Force

Notable Technical Inquiry

What research has been done in cryogenic barrel treatments for sniper barrels in order to improve accuracy and barrel life?

DSIAC received a request for information on research and subject matter experts (SMEs) and/or points of contact (POCs) with experience in cryogenic treatment of...

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Voice From The Community

Ross Miller, CPP
Army Nonlethal Weapons Program Support Officer, SURVICE Engineering

I am contracted by the U. S. Marine Corps led Joint Nonlethal Weapons Program. In addition to liaison between the Army and Joint program, I support enabling future nonlethal weapons capabilities for the Futures and Concepts Center, Army Futures Command. Our latest exploration is inclusion of nonlethal weapons on future platforms for self-protection, maneuver enhancement, and escalation of force during Multi-Domain Operations in the Army of 2028 and beyond.   

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Journal of DoD Research & Engineering (JDR&E)

 The newest edition of the JDR&E Volume 2,  Issue 1  is now available!