Notable Technical Inquiry

Does the technology development of gallium nitride amplifiers make them a suitable replacement for future HPM DEWs?

DSIAC was asked to determine the state of solid-state gallium nitride (GaN) amplifier technology development for high-powered microwave (HPM), directed energy weapons (DEWs). DSIAC used a collection of HPM DEW and microelectronics subject matter expert input and open-source and DTIC Research & Engineering Gateway publications to gather information on the current state of GaN transistor/power amplifier technology and research projects that have further matured GaN devices. GaN technology is expected to gradually replace travelling wave tubes, gallium arsenide, and silicon…

Voice From The Community

Todd Avery

Senior Systems Engineer, U.S. Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, Electronic Warfare & Avionics Division

I am brand new to electronic warfare systems sustainment and came to this field out of a career integrating military avionics into U.S. Air Force, Army, and allied aircraft. Prior to that, I flew T‑37B, T‑38A, C‑21A, C‑130E/H, and E‑8C aircraft in defense of the United States. My strengths are the operational flight environment and crew interface; integrating avionics on UC-35A/B, C-130 (various), U‑2S, and TH‑1H aircraft; EWIS design; wire test (using Eclypse 503, ELITE); and MS Access application development.

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