Defense Systems Digest - 25 September 2018 / (Photo Credit: U.S. Navy)

Notable Technical Inquiry

What are good examples of applications of autonomy in the commercial sector relevant to the naval enterprise?

DSIAC was tasked with identifying applications of autonomy in the commercial sector (logistics, medicine, data/cyber, etc.) that would be good to implement in the naval...

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Voice From The Community

John Geringer, P.E
USACE Protective Design Center (PDC)

The PDC is the Army’s center of expertise for force protection and protective design engineering services. We support Army permanent and expedient applications and DoD and other USG agencies to protect assets against criminal, terrorist, conventional, nuclear and special weapon threats. PDC manages the DoD Anti-Ram Vehicle Barrier list, commission vehicle barriers, reviews SCIF and blast designs, conducts blast analyses, and vulnerability assessments. I enjoy working on shock isolating equipment in bunkers, conducting finite element analyses of bridges, and overhead cover design projects. I am currently working on updates to the single degree of freedom structural dynamic response limits document PDC-TR 06-08, including new response limits and guidance based on research from the precast and cross-laminated timber industries

Featured News

It is with great sadness that we received news about the sudden passing of Dr. Brad Forch. Brad served the U.S. Army Research Laboratory as a senior research scientist in ballistics, where we had the opportunity to work with him as DSIAC's first Contracting Officer’s Representative. Brad maintained regular contact with DSIAC ever since its beginnings and has been a tremendous supporter and advocate. His dedicated work ethic and genuine concern for DoD research is a testament to him as a person and his passions as a scientist. He will most certainly be missed.