Defense Systems Digest - 27 August 2019 / Image Credit: ORNL

Notable Technical Inquiry

What is the correlation between impact energy and resulting damage diameter size in composite materials?

DSIAC was asked if there are any equations that correlate impact energy to the resulting damage diameter in a composite material. A DSIAC subject matter expert at Texas Research...

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Voice From The Community

Barney F. Gorin P.E., MBA, Vice President
GoVentures, Inc.

I conduct high-level services for spacecraft propulsion and mechanical/electromechanical systems engineering. My current task is systems engineering support to the Robotic Servicing of Geosynchronous Spacecraft (RSGS) project. Most of my experience is in aircraft, spacecraft, robotics, and project management, and my broad experience includes failure analyses. I hold a bachelor’s degree in aeronautical engineering rom Tri-State University and master’s degrees in aerospace engineering from the University of Notre Dame and business administration from Canisius College.

Featured News

SURVICE Engineering will host the 2019 Mechanical Design Reliability Course in Belcamp, MD, on 15–17 October 2019. The Mechanical Design Reliability Course (MDRC) is a practical application of fundamental mechanical engineering to system and component reliability. This free course covers the theories of mechanical reliability and demonstrates the supporting mathematical theory. For the beginner, the essential tools of reliability analysis are presented and demonstrated. These applications are further solidified by in-class exercises and open discussion. The objective of this extensive application of reliability principles is to leave the participants prepared to address reliability related to mechanical equipment and provide competency in the predominant tools of mechanical system reliability analysis. Course handouts include a student handbook and a System Reliability Toolkit-V. 

To learn more and register, visit: 

For questions, please contact Ned Criscimagna at