Notable Technical Inquiry

Have nanosecond vs. femtosecond laser trade-off analyses for directed-energy (DE) applications been done before?

DSIAC staff searched open sources and the Defense Technical Information Center's Research & Engineering Gateway for relevant reports and studies and contacted DE subject matter experts (SMEs) at various U.S. Department of Defense, academic, and industry professional society organizations for their insight. No reports have been published that directly compared the performance of femtosecond vs. nanosecond, ultrashort pulse lasers (USPLs) used in DE applications (weapons, countermeasures, etc.).  Most of the studies discovered are related to USPL use for ablating materials…

Voice From The Community

Lindsay Liberto

Program Analyst

Caring for severely wounded combat veterans and their families at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center inspired my commitment to injury prevention. I help improve strategies to prevent or mitigate traumatic injuries in Service members. I am a certified injury coding specialist, and I hold an M.S. in clinical nursing and an undergraduate degree in kinesiology/biomechanics.

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