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What are the DoD-approved survey tools (software and applications) to create, disseminate, and collect survey data?

DSIAC was asked about the U.S. Department of Defense's (DoD's) policy on the use of commercial services and tools related to enterprise feedback management (EFM) for surveys (internal and external data collections) to support evaluating possible courses of action to mitigate impacts due to loss of commercial services and tools for executing future DoD surveys and studies. EFM is a system of processes and software for centrally managing the deployment of surveys, analyzing results, and distributing the results throughout an…

Voice From The Community

Gregory Burke

Subject Matter Expert, Laser Systems, U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (CCDC) Armaments Center

I am a subject matter expert at the U.S. Army CCDC Armaments Center, located in Picatinny Arsenal, NJ. I specialize in high-power laser systems for use in directed energy, ignition of energetics, and biomedical technologies. I hold multiple patents in laser technology, optical microwave based medical diagnostics, and other applications merging optics, electronics, and mechanical systems. I also support the U.S. Army through research and development, system demonstration, and pre-production manufacturing concepts. My current research effort is in microlaser miniaturization as a HERO safe alternative primer for the M230, 30-mm cartridge ammunition and novel ignition alternatives, such as a radio frequency (microwave) ignition for future artillery systems.

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