Notable Technical Inquiry

What CAD systems do U.S. Department of Defense organizations use to set up target models with material properties that can be imported to a physics-based simulation for laser effects analysis?

DSIAC subject matter experts with extensive experience in the integration of CAD data for laser effects analysis supporting the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory Directed Energy Directorate Laser Effects branch communicated with the inquiring organization about currently used techniques. A summary of the current state and recommendations for satellite assessment was documented, delivered to the inquiring agency, and uploaded into the DTIC Research and Engineering Gateway.

Voice From The Community

Kenneth H. Kirkland

Foreign Aerodynamic Weapon Systems Subject Matter Expert, National Security Agency (NSA)

I have worked in foreign aerodynamic weapon systems for nearly 40 years. I am on a joint duty assignment at the Missile and Space Intelligence Center, where I perform open-source intelligence research, analysis, and reporting in support of MSIC2A’s mission focus. I am a former Reserve Naval Attaché to Russia and fluent in Russian. I serve as a mentor and resource on a wide variety of foreign technologies, including avionics, optics, propulsion, guidance, command and control, communications, denial and deception, weapon system lethality, and overall technical characteristics and weapons capabilities. I have taught at the graduate level, including a course on the intelligence community at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. In addition, I served as a community mentor and representative to the University of Mississippi’s Center for Intelligence and Security Studies for over five years.

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