Notable Technical Inquiry

Are there existing solutions to protect a gun crew in case of barrel failure initiating from an inclusion, without limiting the weapon's usage?

DSIAC received a technical inquiry regarding protection from in-field gun tube rupture.  In particular, there is a possibility that a 120-mm mortar tube could rupture due to inclusions present in the microstructure of the steel used to construct the gun tube. This rupture would release a high-temperature gas flow at 19,000 psi if the failure is a ductile fracture. If the failure is a brittle fracture, pieces of steel would also be released. The inquiring organization is looking for possible…

Voice From The Community

Cody Stolle

Research Assistant Professor, Assistant Director, Vehicle Technologies Division & Physical Security and Defense Applications

My areas of research include vehicle dynamics research focused on evaluating performance handling and cornering, suspension reactions, path prediction, transient control asynchronicities, impact, crashworthiness, occupant safety, and stability. With 16 years of experience at MwRSF, I have contributed to projects such as the NCHRP Project 17-22; development of simple, robust, wire rope models for use in finite-element analysis codes; and design of passive safety elements (barriers, road design, speed tables, and chicanes) for military entry control facilities. I have a Ph.D. in civil engineering and an M.S. and B.S. in mechanical engineering from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

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