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What are the differences and acceptability of using MTBUR instead of MTBF?

DSIAC was asked to provide some assessment on the general acceptance of using MTBUR and MTBD instead of MTBF, using "defect" instead of "failures." DSIAC reached out to a reliability subject matter expert, who gave the following response. Regarding use of MTBUR - first, in terms of failures, MTBUR only addresses failures that can be repaired by replacing the failed item. Some failures require a repair in place, not a removal. Second, MTBUR can refer to the removal of items…

Voice From The Community

JoAnn Erno

Principal Engineer, KBR

I work on research and development of autonomous unmanned vehicles. I have 35 years of experience in developmental and operational test and evaluation, leading research and development teams, and managing aircraft production and modification programs. My expertise includes developing innovative program acquisition strategies, implementing systems engineering and requirements processes, and analyzing program performance. I am a certified project management professional and certified information system security professional and have several Defense Acquisition University certifications. I hold M.S. degrees in electrical engineering and cybersecurity and am a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Test Pilot School.

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