Defense Systems Digest - 9 October 2018 / Image Credit: Allvar Alloys

Notable Technical Inquiry

In what ways would a metal having a negative coefficient of thermal expansion (NCTE) have beneficial applications for defense systems?

DSIAC received an inquiry asking if a metal with a negative coefficient of thermal expansion would be of interest for design of defense-related...

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Voice From The Community

Mike Snead, PE.
Spacefaring Institute LLC,President

I founded the Spacefaring Institute LLC after retiring as a civilian aerospace engineer with the U.S. Air Force at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB). While at WPAFB I worked on the Air Force’s Transatmospheric Vehicle study, the National Aerospace Plane program, and the Delta Clipper Experimental (DC-X) project, along with numerous aircraft programs. America’s space enterprise is shackled by inadequate logistics. The Spacefaring Institute’s mission is to advocate for and help chart America’s transformation into a true human spacefaring nation by rapidly establishing an integrated spacefaring logistics infrastructure to low Earth orbit and throughout Earth-Moon space.

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