DSIAC Journals

Publication Date: 
Oct 2018

Every month, DSIAC processes 1,000 scientific and technical reports. This is the average monthly rate at which we upload new scientific and technical information (STI) to the Defense Technical Information Center’s (DTIC’s) Research and Engineering (R&E) Gateway. When you conduct a literature...

Summer 2018: Volume 5 Number 3 Cover
Publication Date: 
Sep 2018

What scientist or engineer wouldn’t benefit from free, qualified, technical information research? At the risk of sounding like an infomercial, I’d like to offer free technical information research from a source that has been doing this very thing for many years and for thousands of satisfied...

Spring 2018: Volume 5 Number 2 Cover
Publication Date: 
Jun 2018

In concert with ongoing continuous improvement efforts, DSIAC has recently refined our purpose, mission, and vision statements to more concisely convey the benefits of our offered services and products to the defense systems community. As a result, I am excited to share these newly unveiled...

Winter 2018: Volume 5 Number 1 Image
Publication Date: 
Mar 2018

Each issue of the DSIAC Journal has its own set of uniquenesses that makes it a featured product for the defense community. This winter issue is no exception. The twist in this journal is the inclusion of what we are dubbing Technology Spotlights. The Technology Spotlight articles are designed...

Fall 2017: Volume 4 Number 4 Image
Publication Date: 
Nov 2017

"Wow, I didn’t even know research was being done on that subject!”—one of the goals of the DSIAC Journal is to cause the reader to have reactions such as this one when reading these pages and discovering some of the new ideas being studied within the realm of defense systems. ...

Summer 2017: Volume 4 Number 3 image
Publication Date: 
Jul 2017

As a relatively new member of the DSIAC team, I have been struck by a prominent theme throughout the organization— its focus on being a catalyst for collaboration, to foster a cooperative network in the defense systems community. The articles in this summer issue demonstrate DSIAC’s unique value...

Spring 2017 Cover
Publication Date: 
May 2017

Have you been wondering lately about space exploration developments since the completion of the final space shuttle mission on 21 July 2011? Well the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) continues to plan for further exploration, such as manned journeys to Mars, leveraging...

Winter 2017: Volume 4 Number 1 Cover
Publication Date: 
Jan 2017

Ever wonder how the Cold War and the nuclear arms race of the 1960s and ‘70s have continued to influence the U.S. strategic defense outlook?  Both the United States and the Soviet Union developed and deployed intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) as a result.  These ICBMs were initially...

DSIAC Journal Fall 2016 Cover
Publication Date: 
Oct 2016

Looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack has always represented one of the greatest challenges to practitioners engaged in the science of finding something.  Historically, this task required the mobilization of resources to make direct visual contact with the subject of interest.  Today,...

 DSIAC Journal: Summer 2016, Vol. 3, Issue 3 Cover
Publication Date: 
Jul 2016

Systems engineers earn their keep by translating performance requirements of tactical systems into affordable and optimal design solutions, solutions that often must meet particularly challenging operational requirements.  The risk of inserting new technology into a system is often traded...

Spring 2016 Cover
Publication Date: 
Mar 2016

Recently, I had the good fortune to witness a live demonstration of the threat detection technology featured on this issue’s cover.  The man-Portable Raman Improvised Explosives Detector (PRIED) is a derivative of a larger Checkpoint Explosive Detection System (CPEDS) currently protecting a...

Winter 2016: Volume 3 Number 1
Publication Date: 
Feb 2016

Oscar Wilde once opined that “life imitates art far more than art imitates life.”  And if one needed further convincing, he need look no further than the “technical” art of Leonardo Da Vinci.  How many of Da Vinci’s fanciful designs, which probably seemed preposterous at the time, are part of...

Fall 2015: Volume 2 Number 4
Publication Date: 
Oct 2015

After I completed my undergraduate degree in the mid 1980s, my first job was with Martin Marietta Laboratories, where I worked with a team of scientists and researchers developing new infrared (IR) detectors. So, when I first read this quarter’s feature article, I was overcome with nostalgia as...

Summer 2015 Cover
Publication Date: 
Aug 2015

You may not be aware that one of the core functions of the Defense Systems Information Analysis Center (DSIAC) is to perform technology assessments related to our nine communities of practice (see insert on this page). And with our consortium of subject-matter experts, DSIAC has access to some...

Spring 2015 Cover
Publication Date: 
Mar 2015

It should come as no surprise that the electromagnetic spectrum is becoming increasingly crowded.  This crowding can be largely attributed to the proliferation of new technologies that are creating an insatiable demand for bandwidth.  The technologies demanding a share of the spectrum cover...

Winter 2015 Cover
Publication Date: 
Jan 2015

The widespread detrimental effect of traumatic brain injury (TBI) to military personnel—and, to a similar extent, professional athletes—has become increasingly evident, largely due to increased media coverage on this topic.  While such coverage has certainly helped the public understand the...

Fall 2014 Cover
Publication Date: 
Oct 2014

In an age of increasingly tighter DoD budgets and heightened acquisition scrutiny, leveraging successes has become more important than ever.  One shining example is the U.S. Navy’s Aegis Weapon System.  This weapon system, which includes the Mk 41 Vertical Launching System (VLS), has racked up a...

Summer 2014 Cover
Publication Date: 
Sep 2014

We are pleased to introduce the Defense Systems Information Analysis Center (DSIAC) and the inaugural issue of the quarterly DSIAC Journal. This inaugural issue is being widely distributed in both print and electronic form to provide the latest information about the new DSIAC and to...