AMMTIAC-WSTIAC Journal, Vol. 2, No. 1 - The "Energy-Smart" Future Force

AMMTIAC-WSTIAC Journal, Vol. 1, No. 1 - Light-Weight, Composite Piping for US Navy Ships
In This Issue: 
  • The "Energy Smart" Future Force: The Army is evolving itself into a culture of energy-conscious warfighters.
  • Raising the Roof: The Army Corps of Engineers is evaluating hybrid roofs that not only keep out the elements, but generate power for the building.
  • A New Technical Resource for Scientists and Engineers: Analysis of Alternatives to Hexavalent Chromium.
  • Taking Alternative Energy to the Edge: The Army's Rapid Equipping Force is working to lessen the warfighter's dependence on fossil fuels in theater.
Publication Date: 
August 1, 2013

Publication Notice

All Aircraft Survivability Journals published after 2014 were produced under the contract vehicle known as Survivability/Vulnerability Information Analysis Center (SURVIAC). The journal is now created by the Joint Aircraft Survivability Program (JASP).