ENews: Air Force Funds New Generation of Energy Efficient UAVs

ENews: Air Force Funds New Generation of Energy Efficient UAVs
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This expanded issue of the AMMTIAC Quarterly focuses on new power and energy technologies. Articles in this special issue include: Department of Defense Energy Security Initiatives; Lightweight Wearable Power Energized by Pentagon's Prize Program; Assuring Supply through New Energy Alternatives and Opportunities; TARDEC's Power and Energy Vision; Navy and Industry Pursuing New Power and Propulsion Methods; An Overview of Novel Power Sources for Advanced Munitions; New Materials Developments for Military High Power Electronics and Capacitors; TechSolutions 11: An Introduction to Power and Energy; Photovoltaics for the Defense Community through Manufacturing Advances; A Novel Desulfurizer-Catalyst Combination for Logistic Fuel Reforming; Materials and Manufacturing Challenges of Direct Methanol Fuel Cells; Compact Superconducting Power Systems for Airborne Applications; Hydrogen Storage Solutions in Support of DoD Warfighter Portable Power Applications

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April 1, 2009

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