MaterialEASE 20: Materials for Blast and Penetration Resistance

MaterialEASE 20: Materials for Blast and Penetration Resistance
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This article is an abridgement of an AMPTIAC report published in 2001. It describes materials and novel combinations of materials used for blast and penetration resistance and describes their application to structural protection. The field is far too broad to provide a comprehensive treatment within these pages. We suggest anyone interested in the most complete look at materials and structures for blast mitigation to consider obtaining the State of the Art Review (SOAR) this MaterialEASE is based on, "Blast and Penetration Resistant Materials" (AMPT-26), as well as a sister AMPTIAC SOAR focused on structures, "Applications of Structural Materials for Protection from Explosions" (AMPT-21).

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February 1, 2003

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