TechSolutions 17 - Toolkit for DoD Manufacturing Engineers

TechSolutions 17 - Toolkit for DoD Manufacturing Engineers
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The Department of Defense (DoD), more often than not, requires that its products be held to elevated quality and performance standards, especially when compared to commercial products. These higher expectations lead to increased scrutiny, and subsequently, significant differences between the production cycles for DoD weapons systems and commercial products. Thus, to produce weapon systems�and their components for the DoD, manufacturing engineers must have specialized and superior manufacturing knowledge.

In a commercial manufacturing setting, each manufacturer has its own set of production guidelines.These guidelines set the policies and standard operating procedures for material sourcing, supply chain management, product assembly, and quality. Likewise, the DoD has its own set of agency-wide guidelines for the manufacture of weapon systems. These guidelines coincide with the phases of the Defense Acquisition Life Cycle. However, because the Defense Acquisition Life Cycle is complex, there are numerous guidelines to follow.

This sizeable quantity of guidelines can pose challenges to manufacturing engineers as they work to remain up-to-date with the latest updates and changes. To mitigate hiccups in the transmission of this information, several resources have been developed to aid in the dissemination of the most current rules and regulations, to share lessons learned, and to foster collaboration between manufacturing groups within the DoD.

This article provides an overview of the resources available for DoD manufacturing engineers. These resources can be utilized to aid in the delivery of weapon systems that meet performance and quality requirements on schedule and without cost overruns.

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November 1, 2010

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