TechSolutions 19 - Blast Resistant Fenestration Design & Testing

TechSolutions 19 - Blast Resistant Fenestration Design & Testing
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Blast resistance remains a top priority for high-risk government, defense, and financial buildings. Windows, doors, and skylights are, in most instances, the points of vulnerability when considering a structure's ability to withstand explosive forces and protect its occupants. It is critical that these components be designed to the appropriate standard and thoroughly tested to validate their infield performance. In fact, many government agencies, private building owners, consultants, and engineering firms mandate that their building components be tested and subsequently rated based upon their ability to mitigate the effects of blast events as well as threats from ballistic and forced entry attack. This article summarizes the characteristics and effects of blast waves, and discusses the hardware, software, and methodology that allows their simulation within a test environment.

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September 1, 2011

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