DSIAC Survivability & Vulnerability Model Services

DSIAC distributes formally released models, related documentation, and sample data to a wide range of authorized DoD agencies and their contractors.  And to get users up and running as quickly as possible, we can refer them to appropriate subject-matter experts (SMEs) that can provide installation advice for a variety of user hardware configurations.  We also can provide sample cases and results for new users, and we maintain a comprehensive database of everyone that DSIAC has distributed to so that we can provide prompt notification of new versions, workshops, and training opportunities.

Expert Advice

To maximize responsiveness to users and provide specialized model knowledge, DSIAC provides a technical point of contact for each model, offering users guidance in such areas as model application, algorithms, and limitations.  We can also assist users in exercising model options, understanding results, and developing or obtaining data sets.


Periodically, DSIAC hosts workshops for certain models to train community members on the application of specific models.  Workshop attendees receive group instruction on multiple facets of the model in question.  We also provide individual hands-on training either at DSIAC facilities or at the requester’s location, as arranged and funded separately.


DSIAC alerts users to changes, including pending improvements and error conditions.  We also receive and verify model versions and model changes.

User Meetings

DSIAC hosts model user meetings to provide forums for technical interchange.  At these meetings, users discuss individual problems, potential fixes/work-arounds, and sample results.