Submitting Survivability & Vulnerability Models for DSIAC Management and Distribution

DSIAC provides the DoD community with comprehensive survivability and lethality modeling services.  In addition to continually updating versions of current models, DSIAC has established procedures to acquire and incorporate new models.  Because the current DSIAC model inventory does not provide complete simulation coverage for all survivability and lethality areas, this acquisition/incorporation of new models is extremely important to DSIAC’s ability to remain responsive to user community needs.

To be incorporated into the DSIAC inventory, a new model must be reviewed and approved by the Government.  The JASP Survivability Assessment Subgroup and the JTCG/ME Vulnerability Committee are key organizations in this model entry process.  These groups meet semi-annually to evaluate candidate models using established standards and criteria and to determine if a model is ready to be incorporated into DSIAC S&V holdings.  In general, to be considered ready for incorporation, a model should:

  • Meet a significant assessment need of the JASP or JTCG/ME assessment community.
  • Contain validated mathematical models and algorithms.
  • Produce authoritative and useful results.
  • Use methodology commonly specific in procurement documents.
  • Include accurate, detailed, and current documentation.
  • Contain accurate, detailed, and quality databases.
  • Be written in generally acceptable coding language.
  • Use portable code with minimal machine-peculiar features.
  • Have a stable configuration.
  • Possess a sponsoring Government agency.
  • Adhere to software standards.
  • Interface easily with other models.
  • Produce results compatible with other models.

When a model has been evaluated, an assessment form is completed and submitted to the DSIAC Technical Working Group (TWG).  The TWG is a Government review group that provides oversight guidance to DSIAC and that makes the final decision on incorporating a candidate model into the inventory.  

In addition to adding new models, the DSIAC TWG periodically reviews the model collection to remove models that are dormant or of little current interest.  This determination is based on user demand for the model, ongoing new development with the model, analyses conducted with the model, and availability of a preferred replacement.  If it is determined that a model has gone dormant, the model is archived by DSIAC.  Model services are only offered for archived models by special arrangements; however, copies of the model, documentation, and data will continue to be stored for potential future need.  DSIAC currently has archived the models AASPEM, DIME, HELIPAC, IBDSIM, LTM, MIL-AASPEM, P001A, PACAM8, SCAN, and TRAP.

Additionally, DSIAC continually works to stay aware of current developments in the M&S communities.  We aggressively pursue new versions and enhancements to current models and work to bring valuable new models to the attention of Government sponsors.  Most importantly, we attempt to stay abreast of major new programs impacting M&S.  And as new modeling tools come to fruition, DSIAC will be ready to incorporate their results for the betterment of the M&S community.

For detailed information on how to submit a model to DSIAC, users are encouraged to contact the DSIAC regarding the model entry procedure, which is available from DSIAC upon request.  The procedure defines the process as well as standards against which models are evaluated.