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Development and Demonstration of Plasma- GMA Welding Process for Shipbuilding Applications
Development of a Manufacturability Assessment Methodology and Metric
Early Manufacturing Assessments Prove Beneficial to Durable Solid Lubricant Transition
Effects of Hip Processing on Eb-ded Additively Manufactured Ti-64 Materials
Expanding MBE with Simulation Features PPI
Fiber-reinforced Metal Matrix Composites for High-pressure Turbines
Gap Analysis Military PrCB Needs vs Supply
High Tolerance, Micron Scale, Inline Embedded Capacitors Using Thin Film Additive Manufacturing
Hydrogen Embrittlement Mitigation  Techniques In High Strength Steel Manufacture
In-process Data Point Clouds: A Novel Approach for Machining Data Visualization for Process Monitoring, Diagnosis, and Control
In-situ Sensors and Non-destructive Examination Tools to Assess Integrity of Thermal Sprayed Amorphous Coatings On Ship Deck
Integrated Design & Manufacturing Models with Metrology
Maturation of Advanced Manufacturing for Low Cost Sustainment (MAMLS)
Modeling & Simulation of the Radford Army Ammunition Plant Modernized Nitrocellulose Manufacturing Process
Modeling of Powder Bed Manufacturing Defects
Modeling of Steel Casting Performance - Dimensions and Distortion
Material Developers' Analysis (MDA) for Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) Reconnaissance Systems
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