Army’s Newest Non-Lethal Weapon Is Spicy!

The Army's new non-lethal launcher

The Army recently contracted with PepperBall to purchase the VKS launcher. It is a non-lethal device that fires paintball-like projectiles filled with a hot pepper solution to irritate and deter would-be aggressors.

July 2, 2018 | Source: ArmyTimes,, 15 June 2018, Todd South

The Army recently awarded a $650,000 contract to purchase a new non-lethal weapon that launches paintball-like projectiles that irritate and deter potential aggressors.

The Variable Kinetic System (VKS), made by PepperBall Technologies was purchased for troops in Afghanistan, according to a company release.

The weapon has the same controls and ergonomics of the M4/M16 weapons system, so muscle memory training is the same for soldiers who carry those weapons, which is practically everyone in the Army.

  • Kinetic impact is adjustable to between 10-28 Joules
  • With VXR™ projectiles, has effective accurate distance of 120 – 150 feet
  • Same look, feel and fire control system as an AR-15/M-4 carbine
  • Feeds 20+ PPS (Projectiles Per Second)
  • Hopper capacity of 180 rounds
  • Magazine capacity of either 10 or 15 rounds
  • Dual air source. HPA butt-stock 13ci tank or remote airline to tank of your choice

PepperBall VKS Webpage