DARPA Awards Deals to Develop Vanishing Delivery Drones

DARPA Awards Deals to Develop Vanishing Delivery Drones image
June 15, 2016 | Source: Kevin McCaney, Defense Systems

Pentagon researchers are moving with their plan to develop vanishing deliver drones that could deliver supplies to forward-deployed troops and then disappear.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has awarded contracts to two companies for its Inbound, Controlled, Air?Releasable, Unrecoverable Systems, or ICARUS, program [outgrowth of the DARPA Vanishing Programmable Resources, or VAPR program], which seeks to develop an autonomous aerial system that could deliver 3-pound payloads to within about 32 feet of a GPS-programmed location and then fade away.

DARPA has awarded contracts of $2.3 million to Xerox Palo Alto Research Center, known as PARC, and $2.9 million to DZYNE Technologies for the project, Military & Aerospace Electronics reported.

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