DARPA Strives to Maintain Relevance of US Air Systems

DARPA Strives to Maintain Relevance of US Air Systems image
June 13, 2015 | Source: Flightglobal

In an effort to avoid new airborne technology becoming obsolescent as a result of expensive and slow integration, the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has launched a project to explore the quicker integration of new systems with existing technology.

The System of Systems Integration Technology and Experimentation (SoSITE) project will “develop and demonstrate concepts for maintaining air superiority via novel SoS architectures”, and will combine aircraft, weapons, sensors and command and control systems with existing manned and unmanned aircraft.

“As advanced technologies have become more readily available to adversaries on commercial markets, the nation’s focus on ever more complex weapons systems has become not just a strength but also a weakness,” DARPA explains.

“Effective as they are, US military systems today are often too expensive to procure in the quantities needed, and may take so long to develop that the electronic components they contain are obsolete by the time they become operational.”