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DoD ManTech Programs -

Although DoD ManTech has one singular mission and shared strategic vision, all of the projects and initiatives are selected and executed through the Service and Agency ManTech Programs. Each Component has its own ManTech program, with slightly different processes, mandates, and procedures for executing their projects.

The Army executes primarily through Army Research, Development and Engineering Centers and Army Laboratories; the Navy ManTech Program relies almost exclusively on Centers of Excellence; the Air Force partners with industry, other government agencies, and academia; DLA uses multi-contractor, 5 year competitive contracts; and the OSD’s DMS&T Program is executed through the Air Force primarily using Broad Area Announcements.

Air Force Mission: Agile manufacturing technologies with a focus on flexible, low-rate production in four strategic thrust areas:  Moving Manufacturing to the Left, Cradle-to-Cradle Digital Thread for Manufacturing; Responsive, Integrated Supply Base; and Factory of the Future.  Investment portfolio areas include: ISR, Turbine Engines, Weapons, and Sustainment.  Check out success stories like, "F-35 Inlet Duct Robotic Drilling (IDRD)."

Army Mission: The Army Manufacturing Technology (ManTech) Program’s mission is to provide affordable and timely manufacturing solutions that address the highest priority needs of the Army. The Program supports transition of manufacturing technologies and affordable technical capabilities to the Warfighter. It accomplishes this through demonstration of effective, efficient and adaptable processes and encourages strong internal and external partnerships. Investment portfolio areas include: Air Systems, Ground Maneuver, Lethality, C3I, Soldier/Squad, and Innovation Enablers.  Check out success stories like, "Affordable Chemical/Biological Resistant Fabric."

Missile Defense Agency (MDA) Mission: MDA is charged with developing and deploying an integrated, layered Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS) capable of defending the United States, its deployed forces, allies, and friends from ballistic missile attacks of all ranges and in phases of flight. To ensure mission effectiveness, MDA ‘s mission continues to evolve through developing, testing, and fielding as soon as technologically possible an increasingly capable system of interceptors, sensors, and command and control systems to improve the depth, range, and reliability of our defenses. MDA's ManTech efforts focus in three key areas: Improve manufacturing of MDA product lines over entire life cycle; ensure an available, reliable, sufficient , and cost effective industrial base for the BMDS development; and identify/mitigate critical manufacturing technologies risk.  Check out MDA's success story on increasing factory effeciency for  propulsion systems, reducing program cost, and enhancing capabilities for lifecycle configuration management.

Navy Mission: Develop enabling manufacturing technology – new processes and equipment – for implementation on DoN weapon system production lines.  The Navy is addressing affordability for five key acquisition platforms: VIRGINIA Class Submarine (VCS) / OHIO Replacement Program (ORP), CVN 78 Class Carrier, DDG 51 Destroyer, Joint Strike Fighter (JSF), and CH-53K.  Check out success stories like, "Affordable, Model-based Open-architecture Radar (AMOR)."

Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Mission: Deliver innovative materiel solutions with a focus on nearer term delivery, measurable operational improvement, and alignment to organizational strategic goals, objectives and priorities through the Global Supply Chains at the DLA Primary Level Field Activities (PLFA) including Troop Support, Energy, Land & Maritime and Aviation. DLA ManTech Program has priorities in Sustaining and Improving Material Availability, High Quality Sources, and Integrating Manufacturing for Responsive, Low Cost Supply.  DLA ManTech's goal is to strengthen six critical DLA supply chains: Individual Equipment, Combat Rations, Castings, Forgings, Microcircuits, and Batteries.  Check out success stories like, "ManTech Program Develops Production Capability for Lighter, Higher Energy Soldier Batteries."

Defense-wide Manufacturing Science & Technology (DMS&T) Mission: DMS&T was established in FY08 to complement each service’s ManTech program. The goal is to focus on cross-cutting defense manufacturing needs – those that are beyond the ability of a single service to address – and to stimulate the early development of manufacturing processes and enterprise business practices concurrent with S&T development to achieve the largest cost-effective impact.  Investment areas include: Advanced Electronics and Optics Manufacturing, Advanced Materials Manufacturing, Enterprise and Emerging Manufacturing, Industrial Base Innovation Fund (IBIF), and Institutes for Manufacturing Innovation.  Check out success stories like, "3D - Airfoil Inspection (3DAI)."