DP-14 Hawk - VTOL Fast, Agile Aerial Resupply

DP-14 Hawk - VTOL Fast, Agile Aerial Resupply image
July 31, 2015 | Source: DPI UAV Systems

The DPI DP-14 Hawk is a multi-mission autonomous UAV designed for precision aerial resupply. With an advanced tandem design, the Hawk is fast, agile, and powerful. It can carry up to 430 lbs useful payload over long distances, operate in crosswinds up to 40 kts, and fly at 105 kts (recommended cruise speed 72 kts).

The DP-14 Hawk uses onboard LIDAR and advanced algorithms to self-navigate in complex, restricted environments. This includes advanced intelligence for path planning, course corrections, perception, obstacle avoidance, and landing-site selection. These cutting-edge capabilities allow the Hawk to fly intelligent autonomous, NLOS, nap-of-earth missions and dynamically adapt to changes in flight conditions and terrain.