Drones, F-35 Could Change the Game For Marine Logistics

Drones, F-35 Could Change the Game For Marine Logistics image
September 3, 2015 | Source: Hope Hodge Seck, Marine Corps Times

Logistics Marines will soon test unmanned aircraft that can haul thousands of pounds of gear ashore and other cutting-edge technology as Corps officials prepare to operate with more agility around the world.

Marine Corps Installations and Logistics recently published its new roadmap, charting a future in which Marines operate aboard a wider range of Navy ships while taking advantage of new drone technology and the F-35B Lightning II.

The roadmap represents the logistics strategy behind Expeditionary Force 21, the Marines' concept of future operations that emphasizes troops operating lighter, in small, widely dispersed units that can function independently for weeks at a time. From a logistics perspective, this forces Marine leaders to rethink traditional supply chains and practices designed to fight land wars, placing a greater emphasis on new, high-tech platforms, the sea base and resources available from the Navy.