eXV-1 Ultra-Light Stealth Utility Vehicle

eXV-1 Ultra-Light Stealth Utility Vehicle image
September 5, 2015 | Source: Army-Technology, army-technology.com

The eXV-1™ is a highly maneuverable and transportable state-of-the-art, 4x4 ultra-light mission vehicle that was designed and developed by MILSPRAY for special operating forces. The vehicle offers enhanced endurance parameters, increased protection and enemy detection avoidance capabilities. The MILSPRAY eXV-1 is operationally configured for C-130, V-22 and CH-47 aircraft and is air droppable.

MILSPRAY will introduce the eXV-1 to the international market place at the International Armoured Vehicle (IAV) conference and exhibition to be held in London between 26 and 29 January 2015. MILSPRAY engineers have already presented briefings and information to the US and international military forces.