Gun Makers Push the Limits on Tactical Shotgun Design

Gun Makers Push the Limits on Tactical Shotgun Design image
June 20, 2015 | Source:

U.S. firms continue to reinvent the tactical shotgun, pushing its design limits well beyond traditional pump-action and semi-auto models.

Whether it's loaded with buckshot or slugs, the shotgun is still a valued tool in police work and military operations.

A 12-gauge shotgun is a potent weapon, capable of stopping a determined adversary. It's also very effective at breaching locked doors during forced-entry operations.

But the shotgun has its drawbacks. Bulky shot shells mean limited ammo capacity. Most shotguns use a tubular magazine that runs beneath the barrel and holds four to eight rounds. Longer magazine extensions increase capacity but can make the shotgun unwieldy in tight quarters.

SRM Arms displayed its answer to ammo capacity here at SHOT Show 2015. SRM's shotguns feature a detachable magazine made of four tubes bonded together that connect beneath the barrel. On the Model 1216, each tube holds four shells for a total of 16 rounds loaded into the compact, 37.5 inch shotgun.