Inside the Marine Corps' Amphibious Combat Vehicles

Inside the Marine Corps' Amphibious Combat Vehicles image
February 15, 2016 | Source: Lance M. Bacon, Military Times

The battle to build the amphibious combat vehicle is down to two competitors, and both prototypes promise a better ride than the amphibious assault vehicle the Corps wants to replace.

Indeed, Marines may feel spoiled by either ACV. Both are eight-wheeled vehicles that are more quiet and comfortable than the tracked AAV. The hot exhaust that has nauseated many a Marine has been erased by air conditioning and better ventilation.

BAE Systems and SAIC beat out three other manufacturers in a competition to build engineering and manufacturing development prototypes of the vehicle that will ferry Marines ashore and into battle. General Dynamics Land Systems has protested the award.

Each of the winning companies, announced Nov. 24, will build 16 eight-wheeled vehicles to be tested over the next two years.