JASP FY21 Call for Proposals (CFP)

JASP FY21 CFP image

JASP FY21 CFP image

The Joint Aircraft Survivability Program (JASP) is soliciting project proposals for its FY21 program. 

The JASP seeks proposals that provide or enable a timely and specific, operationally-relevant capability geared toward mitigating U.S. aircraft losses in combat. 

The JASP FY21 Call for Proposals (CFP) package provides detailed objectives and proposal submission guidance; the package is available for download for registered DTIC users from (https://www.dodtechipedia.mil/dodwiki/display/DSIAC/JASP+FY21+Call+for+Proposals+%28CFP%29+Package) or by contacting JASP at 703-604-0387 (darnell.marbury@navy.mil).

*Proposals must be submitted to the JASP Office (JASPO) no later than 14 February 2020.