KRISS Vector System Mitigates Gun Recoil

KRISS Vector System Mitigates Gun Recoil image
August 31, 2016 | Source: Steven Kuo,

There’s been a bit of a renaissance of sorts lately for pistol-caliber carbines, with a number of really interesting new options in 9mm on the market. We’ve reported on them in previous issues, and now we’re bringing you the latest just hitting stores as we speak. If you’re a luddite who doesn’t play video games or watch TV or movies, or if you’ve been hiding in a cavern, you might not have heard of the KRISS Vector submachine gun. Featuring space-age looks and a unique operating system designed to mitigate felt recoil, the Vector was launched in .45 ACP. Ever since then, folks have clamored for a 9mm version — and KRISS has finally delivered.

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