Military Tests Energy Generating Backpack

Military Tests Energy Generating Backpack image
October 6, 2015 | Source: Allyson Versprille, NDIA National Defense Magazine

The Marine Corps and Army are edging closer to the development of a system that uses kinetic energy to recharge itself, supplying a continuous source of power to sustain essential devices for dismounted troops.

The Joint Infantry Company Prototype (JIC-P) is managed by the Marine Corps’ expeditionary energy office and funded by the office of the secretary of defense, said Capt. Anthony Ripley, the science and technology lead for the expeditionary energy office. The prototype was developed to “inform joint requirements on dismounted power production, management and distribution as well as water harvesting on the move,” he said.

“This whole thing is one system to try to sustain the dismounted war fighter in an austere environment,” Ripley said.