New Liquid 3D Printing System is 25 Times Faster

Liquid 3D Printing System
March 19, 2015 | Source: GIZMODO

3D printing isn't short of advocates in the design and engineering world, because of its ability to easily produce prototypes—but it can be slow. A new company called Carbon3D hopes to change that, though, with a new 3D printing method that claims to be 25-100 times faster than other resin printing techniques.

The start-up has just emerged from stealth, 3Dprint reports, announcing its new technique called Continuous Liquid Interface Production. CLIP seems to build on an existing 3D printing technique which uses photosensitive resin and a laser to cure it into a solid. But unlike similar techniques, which perform that process layer-by-layer, CLIP uses laser light to cure along with oxygen to inhibit the process—allowing it to actually print in 3 dimensions at once.