Northrop Unveils Next-Generation IED-Fighting Robot

Northrop Unveils Next-Generation IED-Fighting Robot image
September 30, 2015 | Source: Kevin McCaney, Defense Systems

"The Andros FX has greater speed and mobility, along with a more dexterous arm." 

Northrop Grumman and its subsidiary Remotec are unveiling the next generation of the Andros ground robot, earlier versions of which the U.S. military has used for bomb disposal and to help combat improvised explosive devices.

The new version, Andros FX, is designed to counter vehicle-borne IEDs as well as other threats. It features a new track-pod system for getting around and a new, more dexterous arm design with greater lift capacity, according to a Northrop announcement.

The robot, currently is on display at the DSEI exhibition in London, also is faster and more maneuverable than previous versions. It features upgraded electronics and has a 3D touchscreen interface for operator control, the company said. Its operating system is designed to interact smoothly with intelligent payloads such as chemical and radiation sensors.