Thin Engineered Material Perfectly Redirects and Reflects Sound

Systematic design and experimental demonstration of bianisotropic metasurfaces for scattering-free manipulation of acoustic wavefronts. (Duke University)

This metamaterial surface has been engineered to perfectly and simultaneously control the transmission and reflection of incoming sound waves. (Duke University)

May 21, 2018 | Source: Duke University,, 10 Apr 2018, Ken Kingery

Metamaterials researchers at Duke University have demonstrated the design and construction of a thin material that can control the redirection and reflection of sound waves with almost perfect efficiency.

While many theoretical approaches to engineer such a device have been proposed, they have struggled to simultaneously control both the transmission and reflection of sound in exactly the desired manner, and none have been experimentally demonstrated.

The new design is the first to demonstrate complete, near-perfect control of sound waves and is quickly and easily fabricated using 3-D printers.