U.S. Military Eyeing Futuristic Hoverbike Technology

U.S. Military Eyeing Futuristic Hoverbike Technology image

Mark Butkiewicz, SURVICE Engineering Company

SURVICE Engineering, under an ongoing DSIAC Core Analysis Task with the U.S. Army Research Laboratory, has teamed with Malloy Aeronautics to pursue development of Hoverbike technology as an asymmetric warfare technology to provide a new class of Tactical Reconnaissance Vehicle (TRV).  DSIAC is one of three Department of Defense Information Analysis Centers sponsored by the Defense Technical Information Center at Fort Belvoir, Virginia.

“The Hoverbike has applications as an organic, squad-level asset that can operate in both manned and unmanned modes,” said Chris Malloy, Managing Director of Malloy Aeronautics, “substantially increasing maneuverability and situational awareness while simultaneously reducing logistics burdens by also aiding in materiel transport.”

While Malloy Aeronautics is currently conducting their portion of the research and development on this new project in the United Kingdom, the two companies have established a strategic alliance to bring the Hoverbike technology to the United States.  Production work on the military variant is anticipated to be completed in Maryland, where Malloy Aeronautics has recently established a U.S. office in Belcamp, MD, adjacent to the U.S. Army’s Aberdeen Proving Ground.

“The Hoverbike represents a disruptive technology that has the potential to reshape personnel and material transport as well as surveillance operations.” said Mark Butkiewicz, Manager of the SURVICE Engineering Applied Technology Operation.  “The combination of military, humanitarian, and commercial uses provides a new and exciting technology development and SURVICE, through DSIAC, is in a strategic position to help further develop the Malloy Hoverbike technology.”