Notable Technical Inquiries

Notable Technical Inquiries are summaries of the most recent and impactful work done by DSIAC in response to technical inquiries that were submitted by defense community members. 

These summaries are intended to give the defense community a sampling of the wide range of questions presented and responses produced by DSIAC under the free 4-hours of information research support. To learn more about technical inquiries click here: https://dsiac.org/about/technical-inquiries.

To submit your technical inquiry, log in (or create an account), and then utilize the "Formal Technical Inquiry" form provided on this webpage.

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Is it possible that the future of information gathering will be up to robotic insects? DSIAC was asked to track down technical publications regarding tiny, insect robots...
What are the recommended test standards and procedures for conducting armor penetration testing of shaped charge warheads into rolled homogeneous armor (RHA) steel...
How can a variable velocity non-lethal system can best meet the 0-100 meter non-lethal requirements for the Army and Marine Corps? DSIAC conducted research to identify...