Policy Addendum for Systems Engineering

Per the direction in my systems engineering policy memorandum (February 20,2004), the Director, Defense Systems established the Systems Engineering Forum, Yourfeedback via this forum reinforced the importance of having systems engineeringexpertise readily available to program managers throughout the system life cycle.Consequently, I establish the following additional policy, effective immediately, and tobe included in the next revision of DoD Instruction 5000.2:

  1. Each Program Executive Officer (PEO), or equivalent, shall have a lead or chief systems engineer on his or her staff responsible to the PEO for the application of systems engineering across the PEO's portfolio of programs. The PEO lead or chief systems engineer shall review assigned programs' Systems Engineering Plans (SEPs) and oversee their implementation. The PEO lead or chief systems engineer shall also assess the performance of subordinate lead or chief systems engineers assigned to individual programs in conjunction with the PEO and program manager.
  2. Technical reviews of program progress shall be event driven (vice schedule driven) and conducted when the system under development meets the review entrance criteria as documented in the SEP. They shall include participation by subject matter experts who are independent of the program (i.e., peer review), unless specifically waived by the SEP approval authority as documented in the SEP.
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