ATR Algorithm Development Image Database

The ATR (Automated Target Recognition) Algorithm Development Image Database package contains a large collection of visible and MWIR (mid-wave infrared) imagery collected by the US Army Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate (NVESD) intended to support the ATR algorithm development community. This database provides a broad set of infrared and visible imagery along with ground truth data for ATR algorithm development and training.

Included in the database: 207 GB of MWIR imagery, 106 GB of visible imagery, a seven-section user's guide, an image viewer, ground truth data, meteorological data, photographs of targets, and other documentation to assist the user in correctly interpreting the imagery. Targets include people, foreign military vehicles, and civilian vehicles at a variety of ranges and aspect angles. All imagery was taken using commercial cameras operating in the MWIR and visible bands. Calculated target temperature differentials relative to the background are provided as well.

Note: Unfortunately we will no longer be shipping this product outside of the U.S.

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