DSIAC Journal: Fall 2015, Vol 2 No 4

Message from the Editor: "After I completed my undergraduate degree in the mid 1980s, my first job was with Martin Marietta Laboratories, where I worked with a team of scientists and researchers developing new infrared (IR) detectors. So, when I first read this quarter’s feature article, I was overcome with nostalgia as the authors took me on an enjoyable stroll down memory lane. But what I found most remarkable was how far IR technology has advanced since then and how it continues to evolve and advance today. IR sensors and systems of the future will not only count and process photons; they will also have the ability to understand what they are looking at and make decisions. In this issue of the DSIAC Journal, we discuss how the U.S. military is working to maintain its technological advantage in this area as it moves from its age-old position of "owning the night" to having to share it with others..."

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