DSIAC Journal: Spring 2016, Vol 3 No 2

Message from the Editor: "Recently, I had the good fortune to witness a live demonstration of the threat detection technology featured on this issue’s cover.  The man-Portable Raman Improvised Explosives Detector (PRIED) is a derivative of a larger Checkpoint Explosive Detection System (CPEDS) currently protecting a critical asset in the Middle East.  PRIED provides dismounted troops the ability to rapidly (in a matter of seconds) interrogate suspicious items, including people, to determine if they contain or have recently handled dangerous materials.  The system, which is starting to get a lot of attention from the Unified Combatant Commands, holds great promise as a portable, lightweight, short-range, multithreat, detection system.  Luisa Profeta’s article on PRIED discusses how Raman spectroscopy is being applied to detect pervasive chemical and energetic threats in the field.  The simplicity in operation to make real-time threat determinations is perhaps one of the greatest advantages of this technology..."

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