DSIAC Journal: Summer 2017, Vol 4 No 3

As a relatively new member of the DSIAC team, I have been struck by a prominent theme throughout the organization— its focus on being a catalyst for collaboration, to foster a cooperative network in the defense systems community. The articles in this summer issue demonstrate DSIAC’s unique value in being the DoD’s hub for defense system information and analysis.

It is in the vein of collaboration that DSIAC is proud to present the feature article on ultrashort pulse laser (USPL) research, representing a truly collaborative research effort. Like many DoD research topics, USPL research faces limited funding and resources. So scientists and engineers across different DoD and academic laboratories have formed a community to jointly enhance research efforts. USPLs offer a unique benefit compared to traditional speed-of-light laser technologies due to USPLs’ short pulses and the ability to achieve high energy with low loss over a distance. The article, which is jointly authored by researchers with the Air Force, Army, and Navy, includes references to research contributions from numerous U.S. universities that participate in the collaborative USPL research efforts. This article demonstrates how joining forces to share information among various organizations from the DoD and academia can greatly enrich scientific research.

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