DSIAC Journal: Winter 2015, Vol 2 No 1

Message from the Editor: "The widespread detrimental effect of traumatic brain injury (TBI) to military personnel—and, to a similar extent, professional athletes—has become increasingly evident, largely due to increased media coverage on this topic.  While such coverage has certainly helped the public understand the nature of TBI, it is often still unclear how this phenomenon is affecting the general population.  In reality, the clinical treatment of TBI has become so widespread that it is akin to treating an epidemic.  In this winter edition of the DSIAC Journal, our feature Survivability and Vulnerability article by David Powell focuses on cutting-edge research that could lead to the development of methods with greater TBI predictive capability.  Powell discusses empirical TBI modeling that could ultimately provide the means to not only predict the amount of cellular damage within the brain but also the cognitive effects that damage may have on an individual..."

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