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The Fundamentals of Aircraft Combat Survivability Analysis and Design, Second Edition

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Aircraft combat survivability is now an established design discipline for U.S. military aircraft. More importantly, survivability is now an essential part of the U.S. Department of Defense acquisition process. This is the only book of its kind and required reading for anyone involved in design of air combat vehicles. Further, improving public health, safety, and survivability is now woven throughout the civil and commercial sector. From infant car seats to the design of aircraft cargo bay structure that can withstand internal bomb blasts, the government is taking the lead in establishing survivability standards. 

This is an extensively illustrated text that presents the fundamentals of the aircraft combat survivability design discipline as defined by the DoD Military Standard issued in 1981. It provides the history of, the concepts for, and the assessment methodology and the design technology for the nonnuclear combat survivability analysis and design of fixed and rotary wing aircraft and missiles. Of critical interest to anyone involved in the design and development of military aircraft or airborne weapon systems, the book also will be useful to weapon system effectiveness analysts.

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