Designing and Assessing Supportability in DOD Weapon Systems: A Guide to Increased Reliability and Reduced Logistics Footprint

In the past year, dramatic changes have been instituted through revision of the Department's acquisition and requirements, now capabilities, generation regulations. A key concept echoed in these new documents is Total Life Cycle Systems Management (TLCSM). The program manager and his staff now have responsibility for a system from cradle to grave.

The Supportability Guide is both timely and discerning. It examines the life cycle logistics activities now required of the PM, In the new regulatory environment. It puts the PM's decision-making responsibilities for systems supportabrlity into the appropnate systems enpineenng context. And stresses the recurring, life cycle role of the PM to translate and refine the user's capabilities into actionable, contractible, and measurable system performance and supportability requirements.

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