Performance Based Logistics: A Program Manager's Product Support Guide

This guide, Performance Based Logistics: A Program Manager's Product Support Guide,provides a PBL implementation tool for the PM, Product Support Manager (PSM),and the product support team. After an initial overview of Total Life Cycle Systems Management (TLCSM) and PBL, it presents a 12-step PBL implementation process and further discussion of key elements in that process. It concludes with a selection of real-world PBL examples. References and additional information are provided in Chapter 6.

The term PM, as used here, refers to the entire integrated program office team, including program office personnel, other Government personnel, and industry; or to the sponsor if no PM has been assigned.

Acquisition logistics professionals should apply the information in this guidebook in context with two other key documents: The Supportability Guide (see 1.1 below),which lays a foundation for PBL by emphasizing supportability in systems engineering;and the Product Support Boundaries (see 1.2 below), which establishes the boundaries within which PBL should be implemented.

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