By: Dennis Metz, Richard Smardzewski, Caroline Lochner

This state-of-the-Art Report (SOAR) describes counter-personnel (CP) non-lethal weapons (NLW) technologies and provides a brief discussion of the
CP NLW human effects characterization process. The SOAR also presents a brief overview of the evolution of CP NLW to include the establishment of the Joint NLW Program and the Joint NLW Directorate. This report focuses on the CP NLW that are currently fielded, in development, and future NLW programs in the conceptual stage. In addition, information is provided on other relevant CP NLW investigational efforts that are not defined as a Department of Defense (DoD) acquisition program per DoD Directive 5000.01. Finally, a discussion is provided on CP NLW investigative efforts by foreign countries. The content of this report has been drawn from the vast experience of several DoD engineers and scientists embedded in efforts to develop and analyze CP NLW technologies as well as a wealth of reports by government agencies, universities, and industry.

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